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Lloyd's of London

More than 300 years ago, Lloyd's started its business in Edward Lloyds Coffee Shop as a meeting place for ship-owners and people with enough capital to insure these ships. In the mean time meantime, Lloyd's has now grown out of its cradle of shipping insurance and has moved into  to new dimensions – it is now the world’s largest market for special cover for property insurance, liability, and personal loss. Lloyd's insures the largest, most complex and unique risks in the world.

Today, Lloyd's is still a market that is based on personal contact, with all the dynamism and innovation that develop a market. As in any market, it offers parties who have something to sell – insurance companies who provide cover – the opportunity of making contact with parties who want to buy – insurance brokers who are active on behalf of their customers in looking for insurance cover.

Lloyd's of London is the world's leading insurance market.  
Lloyd's is not an insurance company. It is a market which is partially based on the principle of mutuality, where Lloyd's members come together in syndicates to underwrite risks.  Insured parties benefit from the increased security chain. Not only the individual underwriting syndicates are liable in the event of damage, but also Lloyd's.

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AssPro managerline AG
underwrites risks for example on behalf of and with a power of attorney from the syndicate Brit Insurance (syndicate 2987).

Brit Insurance

Brit Insurance is an international insurance group whose shares are traded on the London Stock Exchange (FTSE250 Index).
Brit is one of the largest syndicates in Lloyd’s of London (syndicate 2987). Lloyd’s is the world’s leading special insurance market and is represented in more than 200 countries. Brit Insurance has been rated by Fitch at A (strong) and A.M. Best with A (excellent) (www.britinsurance.com). In addition, the Lloyd's security system applies.
Lloyd’s of London is rated at A+ (strong) by Standard & Poor’s and A+ (strong) by Fitch, and at A (excellent) by A.M. Best (www.lloyds.com).
Brit had premiums of £ 841.5 million as of June 30, 2010, and profits before taxes of £ 72.8 million.

German law applies, a German place of venue, and German insurance conditions.

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