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PO Box 11 19
50201 Frechen, Germany

Bartmannstraße 36
50226 Frechen, Germany

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The Nürnberger insurance - founded in 1844 - has been writing professional indemnity insurance in Germany since 1906. With an annual turnover of EUR 4,6 billion (2011) and almost 28.000 back-office staff and field representatives the Nürnberger insurance is one of the top 20 largest insurance companies in Germany.

AssPro managerline closely cooperates with Nürnberger insurance with regard to professional indemnity insurance for

  • Solicitors
  • Lawyer-notaries
  • Tax advisors
  • Auditors

Nürnberger insurance is rated A+ (strong) by Fitch.

Further ratings and reviews can be found at: