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The Zurich Group Germany is one of the top ten insurance companies on the German market  which generates a premium income of more than € 6.4 billion and has around 4.5 million customers (2009). Independent experts have rated the Zurich Group’s financial strength as being excellent (S&P, Moody’s, A.M. Best).

The Zurich Group has been operating in Germany for more than 130 years, and thus guarantees continuity and reliability. It is part of the global Zurich Financial Services Group, whose premium income amounts to more than USD 60.0 billion.

We  underwrite professional indemnity insurance for the legal and consulting professions for the Zurich Group Germany in Austria and Germany.

In Austria, we issue insurance certificates, documents and invoices for the master agreement with the Austrian Notaries’ Chamber on behalf of and under a power of attorney from Zurich.

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